International Relations Department

Tasks of the Department:

  • Ensuring cooperation with Russian and foreign organizations in the field of international relations and foreign education.
  • Assistance to NNSTU departments and its employees in preparation and implementation of international agreements, programs, projects and etc. in the field of international relations and academic mobility.
  • Organization of meetings with foreign delegations.
  • Ensuring compliance with government requirements related to the stay of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation.
  • Informing and explaining to foreign citizens the necessary state, departmental and internal documents of NNSTU.
  • Assistance to foreign citizens in organizing their life and cultural activities.

Functions of the Department:

  • Organization of negotiations with foreign companies, organizations and educational institutions on conclusion of agreements on educational, scientific and industrial cooperation.
  • NNSTU participation in international conferences and symposia.
  • Development of programs of foreign training of NNSTU students.
  • Reception of foreign experts, students, delegations arriving for negotiations, exchange of experience, training, development of programs of their stay at NNSTU.
  • Analysis and accounting of foreign correspondence and forwarding of articles, reports and messages to foreign specialists.