NNSTU Authorities


Sergey M. Dmitriev

Doctor of Engineering
Head of "Nuclear and Thermal Stations" department

Tel.    +7 (831) 436-23-25
Fax    +7 (831) 436-94-75
E-mail    dmitriev@nntu.ru, rectorat@nntu.ru

The First Vice-rector - Vice-rector for educational activities

Yevgeny G. Ivashkin

Ph.D. in Engineering
Associate professor

Tel.   +7 (831) 436-93-24
E-mail    ieg@nntu.ru

Vice-rector for scientific activities

Andrey A. Kurkin

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Tel.  +7 (831) 436-23-37
E-mail    aakurkin@nntu.ru

Vice-rector for development programs

Nikolay Yu. Babanov

Doctor of Engineering
Associate professor

Tel.   +7 (831) 436-63-12
E-mail    babanov@nntu.ru

Vice-rector for economics

Svetlana Yu. Obydennova

Tel.   +7 (831) 436-24-83
e-mail    obydennova@nntu.ru

Vice-rector for extracurricular activities and youth policy

Kirill O. Goncharov

Ph.D. in Engineering
Associate professor

Tel.    +7 (831) 436-85-85
E-mail    goncharov@nntu.ru

Vice-rector for property management

Oleg B. Soldatkin

Ph.D. in Engineering

Tel.    +7 (831) 436-93-23
E-mail    o.soldatkin@nntu.ru