The II International Gathering of Student Mass Media

The II International Gathering of Student Mass Media organized by Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation was held in June at Volgograd State Technical University. It was attended by students from 25 countries studying at 20 leading Russian universities. This year the geography of participants of the event has significantly expanded. In addition to young people from neighboring countries, students from Asia, the East and Africa also participated there.

The participants attended different master classes, met famous people from the media industry, learned how to create their own media projects - from classic reports to comics and vertical clips. The students were divided into 5 teams, each of which created their original project. The experts noted creativity and high quality of the prepared information products.

Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University was represented by Zakaria El Kaou from Algeria and Kirill Shutov.

The winner was team number 5 which included NNSTU student Zakaria El Kaou and the other foreign students from Zimbabwe, Chad, Vietnam and Afghanistan.