The Festival of Syrian Culture at the Record Cultural Center

In May, 2023 the Festival of Syrian Culture was held at the Record Cultural Center. NNSTU students from Syria attended all the events of the eventful program of the Festival.

On May 22, after the opening of the Festival, the film from the documentary series "On the Footsteps of the Syrian Sages" was shown. The film tells us about work of the archaeologists from St. Petersburg who preserve the world cultural heritage in the Syrian Arab Republic. On the same day, the master-class on making the mosaic canvas "Tesserae of ancient Syria" with the artist Alex-Leon Mazanov was organized for the guests, who presented the unique technique of the national Syrian art.

On May 23, NNSTU students attended the master-class on making the linocuts "Ornaments of Syria" with the artist Ivan Sobakin, as well as the master-class by the director Oksana Matveeva on "How to make films on hot spots".

On May 24, the master-class on the art of collage "The Trip through Syria" was held, then the students watched one more documentary film about Syria.

Moreover, the Festival included the exhibition of numerous photographs by Diala Algadban, a native of As-Suwayda in Syria. The exhibition presents the photographs from two projects: the first one is photographing workshops for the interactive theater telling us about women and the second one is dedicated to documenting archaeological sites in the city of As-Suwayda.