The specialist of Indian company TechSAMARTHA visited NSTU

06.06.2012 at NSTU on the basis of Automobile institute (AMI) the workshop on mechatronics and problems of mini-robots design was conducted. The workshop was led by Yash Sharma - a leading specialist of TechSAMARTHA Company (India) that works in the field of mechatronics and robotics. The first acquaintance with TechSAMARTHA specialists held in Moscow in 2010 during the Russian stage of the international "Formula Student" championship where the team of AMI NSTU «AMIgo» adequately presented our university and took the prize-winning places. Indian experts praised the achievements of young designers from Nizhny Novgorod and expressed the desire to visit NSTU. This year, such a meeting was possible. During the workshop Yash Sharma told about the basics of robotics and principles of operation of microprocessors, sensors, executive and control systems that are widely used in the construction of robots. In the practical part of the workshop a typical mini-robot was shown, consisted of four wheels platforms, two motors, electronic circuit board, microprocessor, information display, obstacle detection sensor and battery. Using the AVR Studio program it was demonstrated how to program the robot, enabling it to perform certain actions (such as linear motion and automatically stopping in case of obstacles).

The workshop was attended by students and masters of Automotive institute (AMI), the Institute of radio electronics and information technology (IRIT), Faculty of automation and electromechanics (FAE), Institute of Industrial Technology Engineering (IPTM) and the Department of economics, management and innovation (FEMI). Young researchers were not only as listeners, but also took an active part in discussion with the Indian expert (mostly in English without an interpreter). Young scientists asked questions about the presented materials and talked about their own research projects in the field of robotics, performed at NSTU in the framework of educational program labs.

After the workshop a verbal agreement was reached for bilateral exchange of information in the field of mechatronics between Indian professionals and students’ creative groups of our university. Yash Sharma supported the development of international cooperation and offered help and support from TechSAMARTHA in organizing of early field trial (EFT), which would be aimed at designing and creating of mini-robots to perform certain tasks. This proposal is timely and can be implemented in the framework of existing federal programs of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, as well as in international competitions held by various funds.

The most important result of the workshop is the appeared tendency of students from different faculties and institutes of NSTU for coming together and participating in joint projects, where the synthesis of several areas of knowledge can contribute to obtaining of new scientific and practical results. This approach is typical for mechatronics that involved the full integration of mechanical, electrical machines, power electronics, microprocessor technology and software.