A signing ceremony concerning ThyssenKrupp competence center establishment

2 March, 2012 at 3 p.m. a signing ceremony concerning ThyssenKrupp competence center establishment took place in Room № 1313.

At the ceremony a board member of ThyssenKrupp Ralph Labonte, a head of HR ThyssenKrupp Elevator Harald Obendiek, a coordinator of relations with universities in Germany and other countries Stefan Cassel and a translator Elizabeth Horn were presented. The agreement was signed by Mr. Labonte and Mr. Obendiek and NSTU rector Sergei M. Dmitriev and NSTU prorector for development Mikhail V. Shiriaev.

Prorector for training activities Yevgeny G. Ivashkin spoke about the direction of "Mechatronics" and presented a curriculum of the centre. The students will be taught additional courses of general and specialized disciplines with special attention to language training.

NSTU Senior Professor will lead the center work.

ThyssenKrupp will finance the center work.

Students will be trained on an agreed between the NSTU and ThyssenKrupp in addition to the basic educational program curriculum in the direction of "Mechatronics". ThyssenKrupp gets the opportunity to participate in forming the curriculum and has a right to make proposals on the content which are kindly checked by NSTU.

NSTU students get at the Center some professional skills in addition to their higher education that will later help them in finding job placement in ThyssenKrupp enterprises in Russia and abroad.