NNSTU development mission

Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University development mission:

  • To satisfy the educational demands of personality, society and state;
  • To train engineers and scientists for the industry of Russia and Nizhegorodsky Region in the areas and specialties of top priority for the national security and defensive capacity of the country;
  • To carry out basic and applied scientific innovative research aimed at creating and performing knowledge-intensive developments in the sphere of technology and engineering.
  • To foster civil and moral qualities of our alumni, to ensure their high professional level in the situation of integration in the world scientific and educational space.


  • To establish adaptive and evolving innovative educational and scientific environment to supply the military-industrial complex of Nizhegorodsky Region with highly skilled engineers and scientists.


  • To build a multi-level system of engineers and scientists training by the way of modernizing the existing laboratory and experimental facilities, implementation of new educational programs, forms and techniques.
  • To establish a system for organizational and methodical support of innovative educational programs.
  • To ensure NNSTU development as an innovative research university through integration of educational and scientific activities.
  • To focus the resources on the educational and scientific programs of the top priority.
  • To develop the educational and scientific capacity of the university by means of furthering basic and applied research and staff training.
  • To increase the university's income by means of expanding its educational and innovative activities including target training of personnel, technology transfer, rendering consulting and engineering services, remote training, etc.
  • To improve forms and methods of interaction and to build long-term relations with strategic partners in Russian and world academic, scientific and business society in the sphere of educational and technical-scientific activities.
  • To ensure the top priority of cooperation in the area of education and technical-scientific activities with CIS countries.
  • To improve the university management