The fifth business game «TOPSIM» took place at NSTU

The fifth business game «TOPSIM» took place at NSTU from 08.10.2012 till 10.10.2012. It was lead by KW-Team with the support of ThyssenKrupp. The game was conducted by KW-Team trainers - Jürgen Kleine - Wilde, Caroline Kurtz - Solowjew and interpreter Elisabeth Horn. The game was attended by 28 students from different faculties of NSTU and 3 employees of ThyssenKrupp Russian companies.

During the game the participants discussed the following topics:

  • Basic knowledge in the field of economics of production and economic relations
  • Methods of cost management
  • Enterprise management aimed at raising the value in ThyssenKrupp
  • Risk management in the production of industrial equipment
  • Decision making in teams and team leading
  • Presentations of work results