Delegation of ThyssenKrupp visited NSTU n.a. R.E. Alekseev

Christoph Klotzbach – head of innovation network of ThyssenKrupp;

Günter Perlinger – head of personnel of ThyssenKrupp Aufzugswerke;

Joachim Gessner – product manager of ThyssenKrupp Presta Steering;

Stefan Cassel - coordinator of relations with German and foreign universities;

Peter Rinza – representative of ThyssenKrupp responsible for cooperation with ThyssenKrupp;

Elisabeth Horn – interpreter.

07.11.2011 Stefan Cassel read a lecture "Development of staff and career." During the round table two topics were presented: "Managing Innovation" and "Development of new markets," after which all participants could ask any questions In addition, the agreement about the intentions of opening at NSTU in spring 2012 ThyssenKrupp Competence Center was discussed.

08.11. 2011 Stefan Cassel, Peter Rinza and Elisabeth Horn interviewed NSTU students wishing to apply for an internship in ThyssenKrupp.