Student Life. Avtozavod Higher School of Management and Technologies

AHS has a student body of 300. The teaching staff consists of doctors and bachelors of science of more than 30 NNSTU chairs. The faculty has also a qualified personnel of skilled teachers. Permanent close contacts have been established with the “GAZ group”, the Aircraft Co. “Sokol”, OKBM named after Africantov, the company “Elloyt-IT” delivering the latest welding equipment. Our students receive up-do-date training in car and machine building. Of 500 AHS graduates 140 got distinguished diplomas. The students of AHS took part in international, Russian and regional competitions and won them. Many of them who participated in international programs got the UNESCO signs of value and Russian-American certificates. This high quality intensive training gives them the possibility to compete successfully on labour market and have a chance of rapid promotion. In 2000 the first graduates, qualified specialists left AHS.

Now these graduates have already occupied high position in “GAZ”. 86% of our graduates using the advanced theory and studying practical experiments were significantly promoted. They are general directors of “Russian machines-finance”, the chief of the assembly line or the first grade designer. The management of the GAZ is very satisfied with AHS graduates. That is why there are no remarks and claims from its side. The graduates of the Technical University often visit AHS. They tell their younger comrades about their achievements and experience. More often the former AHS graduate V.I. Soldatenkov, now the head of Avtosavod district administration, comes to his alma-mother to meet with the students.

Special attention is paid to the improvement of laboratory base, renovating computer equipment and software of the computer centre, to the development of multimedia classrooms. Sport life plays a special part in students’ life. It is rather rich: there are basketball, football, volleyball, teams and other. The students go in for sports with great pleasure especially in their spare time. They take part in different kinds of competitions, win and get prizes.