AHS history

AHS as a structural department of NNSTU was opened on the 10th of April in 1995. Its first director was professor Oleg Lobanov AHS was founded on the basis of Avtosavodsky evening faculty which came into being on the 23rd of May, 1932 just when the construction of the Gorky automobile plant was completed.

The young industrial giant needed skilled workers and engineers. Therefore Union Committee of higher school decided to create Auvtosavodsky department of the Gorky industrial institute with evening training. As the first director of the branch the chief of the shop laboratory of the plant an engineer P.G. Istomin was appointed. First 20 teachers and 83 students found themselves in front of the plant barrack which had to become their academic building. Hammered wooden tables and benches, inkwells, because of rain wet ceilings and walls, 20W electric bulbs were all the facilities.

The students were trained in there specialties: cold processing of metals, castiron foundry and forging and stamping production. The number of students rapidly increased and in 1934 there were already 428 of them. The first graduation took place in 1937, by that time the branch was housed in the new building. The facilities to study were significantly improved then about 44% of the students were advanced. In 1935 the Auvtosavodsky faculty was awarded with the institute Red Banner.

The Great Patriotic War broke the studies of the faculty. Many teacher and students went to the front. Once because of the bombing the faculty building was completely destroyed. However the studies went on. It was very difficult for the teacher from the upper part of the city to get to work on foot. As for the students they worked during 2 shifts not leaving the plant. The students had their classes at the district schools and sometimes at the building of the Auvtosavodsky administration. 211 specialists (engineers) graduated from the faculty during the war.

After the war the residential buildings and some factory constructions were restored including the educational building of the faculty. The management of the automobile plant took into account the importance of training qualified specialists.

Professor V.P. Lipkin was the head of the faculty since 1937 till 1939. he did a lot for the development of educational base and improved training process. The students then were trained in 4 specialties. There were 100 teachers and 900 students. It became necessary to enlarge the premises because of the students. They had to sit in the corridors to listen to the lecturers through the open doors. The students also spent much their precious time to get to the head institute in the upper part of the city to do laboratory works.

Again the Gorky Automobile plant renders assistance to its higher educational establishment. In 1971 Auvtosavodsky faculty of the Polytechnic institute moved to a new educational building in Leskova street. There were 8 specialties and 1200 students at the evening faculty. In 1970s the most important were qualitative changes in the educational process. Here all laboratories for general technical and engineering preparation were created for the first time.

The auditoriums and laboratories were fitted out with the latest equipment. The wide use of technological aids, the use of computers became usual. But of course the quality of training specialist depends first of all on teachers’ qualification who take part in educational process. Most of them were professors and assistants-professors.

These were Chorba, Kotin, Tichonov, Pchelin, Skvortsov, Nikolaev, Balin, Tulaeu, Playonov, Koshelev and others. AHS was established for training the most capable youth to become highly educated and versatile developed specialists.