For an applicant. Avtozavod Higher School of Management and Technologies

The following specialties are provided by AHS

Full time training (4 years)

Exploitation of transport and technological machines and complexes

Speciality: "Automobiles and automobile economy"

Designing and technological aid for machine-building production

Speciality: "Machine-building technology"

Shortened day-time and extra-mural training (3 years 6 months, Classes on Saturday and Sunday)

Designing and technological aid for machine-building production

Speciality: "Machine-building technology"


Speciality: "Equipment and technology of welding practice"

Extra-mural courses

Exploitation of transport and technological machines and complexes

Speciality: "Car service" (4 years 10 months)

Electrical power and electrical engineering

Speciality: "Electro-technological sets and systems" (3 years and 6 months)

Entrance exams:

Day-time department

  • Russian (EGE)
  • Mathematics (EGE)
  • Physics (EGE)

Evening department

  • Russian (interview)
  • Mathematics (interview)
  • Physics (interview)

Correspondence department

  • after college or industrial school mathematic (interview)
  • after school mathematic (interview for graduates up to 2009)
  • after school mathematic, physic, Russian (CSE graduates after 2009)

Requisite papers

  • Passport
  • Education certificate (original)
  • 6 photos (3x4)
  • Medical certificate

Working regime

Day-time department (on weekday classes start at 8.30 am; Saturday, Sunday are off day). Evening department (on Saturday and Sunday since 9 till 14.00).

Correspondence department (starting session).

A day-time applicant must submit the certificate of education (original).

Applicants left colleges or technical schools have the right to enter evening department.

Some importation about specialties

"Automobiles and automobile economy" is the most interesting and exiting career! It is a vary scope of subjects of study: they are operating reliability of automobile engines, commercial exploitation of automobile transport, increasing durability of power units of cars at the production and repair, improvement of cross-country vehicles, instrumental control,safity, certification of transport enterprises and many other things.

The students of the speciality "Car service" acquire knowledge of design, exploitation, repairing, facilities, maintenance and service of an automobile. They get to know how repairing enterprises and service centers work. To ensure the educational process at the up-to-date level the chair is equipped with passenger cars and lorries, units of domestic and foreign cars. In laboratories one can find stands for testing engines, electrical equipment, diesel fuel equipment, devices for finding defects and restoration of parts by means of different method.

The students of the speciality "Technology of machine-building" get fundamental scientific, engineering, corresponding technological and designing knowledge. These are highly qualified bachelors-mechanics dealing with different branches of machine-building. Special training includes theoretical foundation of machine-building technology, designing of technological process, method of processing and construction of flexible technological systems and devices, mathematical modeling of technological process, effective usage of information technology, organization and management of non-automatic and automatic manufacturing enterprises. It is very diversifying speciality.

"Equipment and technology of welding practice". This speciality meets the demands of modern conditions of economy when universal specialists with the knowledge of technology of machine-building, welding and assembling product are needed. In a market economy the employment of graduates has gained a particular importance. The preparing of qualified specialists is done on all modern kinds of welding: arc, plasma, electron-beam, laser, contact, ultrasonic, termocompressive, high-feculence induction and diffusion. Special attention is paid to information and computer training; practice is performed with the latest welding equipment.

"Electro-technological sets and systems". Students of the speciality are busy with the development, creation and exploitation of perspective systems of modern production with the electronic, laser and plasma devices, welding robots and machines, inductions, electrothermal, electrolysis and other facilities Electrical technology is the speciality demanded at all industrial enterprises of the city and the region.