Avtozavod Higher School of Management and Technologies

Avtozavod Higher School of Management and Technologies

About AHS

AHS located in the low part of the city was formed on the basis of NNSTU. The aim was to meet new social conditions and requirements of developing automotive industry in qualified specialists. It has now all facilities for the students to study well. At the day-time faculty of AHS (4 years study), the evening shortened department (3 years 6 months) and the correspondence faculty (4 years 10 months) bachelors are prepared.

There are 30 auditoriums and study rooms, 27 well equipped laboratories, a modern computer center, a designing hall and a large fine library with a reading hall for 100 persons. There the students can find necessary text-books, reference-books, technical magazines. The students have at their disposal a fitness centre and even their own stadium. They enjoy spending their spare time on the sports grounds. The students take part in different competitions and as a rule win.

The graduates of AHS have become talented specialists. They are employed by many enterprises. Some of them are directors, chief engineers or designers and important economic and state executives. So, the general director of GAZ was our graduate N.A. Pugin who then became the minister of automotive industry of the USSR , the general director of the “Socol” plant V.M. Pomelov, the head of the Avtosavodskiy district V.I. Soldatenkov, the director of the machine-building plant V.D. Maksimenko and E.G. Voskresenskiy and many others. It is difficult to count all of them. But they are all highly educated persons with good knowledge due to AHS.

In 2015 Avtosavodskiy faculty of higher vocational education organized the adminission of the first-year students in the most popular specialties. They are:

  1. 23.03.03. Operation of Transport-Technological Machines and Complexes (The specialty is “Automobiles and automobile economy”). It is for the day-time students free of charge (budget). At the correspondence courses the specialty is “Automobile service”. The course of study lasts 4 years 10 months.
  2. 13.03.02. Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering (The specialty “Electro-technological sets and systems”) is for shortened extra-mural courses.
  3. 15.03.05. Engineering and Design Support of Machine Productions. The specialty “Technology of machine-building” at the day-time department is free but it is paid at the evening shortened study.
  4. 15.03.01. Machine Building. The specialty “The welding equipment and technology ” is for the evening shortened courses. It is paid.

At present AHS is the only higher authoritative educational establishment for preparing technical specialists in the low part of the city.

The students from Avtosavod, Moscow, Kanavino, Sormovo districts and from neighboring towns Dserzhinsk, Balakhna and Bor stude at AHS.