«ThyssenKrupp Engineering Award»

April 24, 2012 in Room 1258 the Awards Ceremony honored participants of the contest for the best Bachelor's thesis paper «ThyssenKrupp Engineering Award» within the bounds of ThyssenKrupp visit took place. The competition was held for the fourth time. Practice shows that the competition is gaining popularity: this year it was attended by 35 NSTU students. At this time, the winners received not only the traditional cash bonuses. Authors of the best 10 works will be able to visit ThyssenKrupp exhibition «Ideas Park». In the top ten were:

  • Aleksey Abashkin
  • Sergey Pavelyev
  • Alexander Cheburkov
  • Ilya Zolin
  • Alexander Ivanov
  • Denis Zasukhin
  • Irina Gryzlova
  • Vladimir Krupnov
  • Sergey Troitskiy
  • Aleksey Rodionychev

Congratulations all participants, their research supervisors and teachers of foreign languages on great results!